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55 - 400kW Class
Discharge air volume 8.9 - 69.1 m3/min


Best-in-class performance with full-range line-up.



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Efficient energy saving with “Energy-Saving Logic” which minimize discharge pressure fluctuation (ALE-FE)

Ultimate clean air (ALE-FE)

The oil-free design introduces absolutely no oil to the rotor chamber in the process. Stainless steel shaft-seal rings are used to prevent the generation of carbon dust, and Kobelco's patented twin atmospheric shaft vents prevent lubricating oil from contaminating the compression chamber even during extended periods of unloaded operations.



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High performance screw unit (ALE-FE)

Design of the two-stage compressor unit and a reduction in package internal pressure losses resulted in an energy saving by 8% over existing models. Furthermore, a plate-fin, the first in the industry, was incorporated for the water-cooled, inter cooler and after cooler, reducing the air pressure loss to 1/5.

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Improved maintainability

Extended overhaul schedules

Recommended overhaul schedule for the 2nd stage was extended to every 6 years, whereas the 1st stage was extended to every 9 years (for an annual operation of 8,000 hours).


Annual maintenance involves changing the oil, oil filter element and exhaust cleaner only.


Frequency of capacity control operations

The life is extended to six times that of conventional models, with reliability and maintainability also improved.


Capability with 1.03 MPa specifications

All models are equipped with a compressor main unit that can operate with a pressure of up to 1.03 MPa.

Improvement on durability for ambient

Reviewing the total cooling system including design of coolers and cooling fan with safety margin,the compressor can operate even under ambient temperature of 45℃.

* Long-time continuous operation at ambient temperatures of 40℃ or higher may shorten lifetime of components such as electric equipment and O-rings comparing with normal operation.


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Totally enclosed fan-cooled motors are adopted to increase motor durability. (ALE-FE)

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Totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor with enough capacity is selected to reduce the motor coil temperature and motor bearing temperature,leading significant improvement of reliability. Motor coil thermal detector is equipped for safety aspect.

Protection features (ALE-FE)

Various improved protection for Electric parts.



Continuous operation during power outage.

Compressor does not stop running if the power recovers within the time you set.
* You can set the time to 0.5 seconds at longest.








Automatic restart from temporary power outage

Compressor restarts automatically at the time you set. You can set the time from 15 to 99 seconds after the power recovery.
* You can use this function as long as the power recovers within 20 seconds.






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Noise Reduction

Pulse noise is reduced by the perforated plate silencer, whereas the blade noise from the exhaust fan is reduced by optimum louver, thereby realizing top of its class low noise levels.




Exhaust cleaner that requires no oil mist breather piping (standard requirement with FE, ALE and AVE)

ale ov13Conventional countermeasure for oil mist is discharging the oil mist outside of package by using oil mist breather piping, which may cause the environmental problem. To avoid pollution,it was necessary to install filter on the end of piping or corona separation-type mist collector. Newly developed Exhaust Cleaner utilizes super fine filter which can be installed inside the compressor package, and no more breather piping is required.

This Exhaust Cleaner has its self oil separation and recovery function. This can prevent differential pressure increase and can realize long term maintenance interval.


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