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Durability and simplified maintenance




Complete monitoring function

cm 02The water-removal function as standard equipment is displayed by the lamp.  Simplified remote control is possible.



Considering environment

The air discharge silencer includes a oil mist collection function    (Patent pending)

cm 03The oil mist collection function collects oil mist from the air  discharge silencer that discharges pressure in the oil separator to the air when the compressor stops or water is removed.




Easier installation

Improved temperature resistance

The oil cooler and cooling fan have been enlarged, resulting in a drop of 5℃ in the discharge air temperature, and providing enhanced reliability.

Improved dust resistance

cm 04Intake filters for cooling air and the air-intake port to the airend have been enlarged. Enhanced resistance to dusty environments has also been provided by introducing a two-stage centrifugal dust-removal process.



Resistance to air-borne contaminants

Discharge air is subjected to a two-stage oil-separation process, thus reducing the load on the separation elements. Resistance to air-borne contaminants in the intake air has also been improved.


New ease of operation

cm 05

The new oil separator's cartridge design and improved Poly-V belt structure makes replacement and maintenance a snap.


The newly unit design reduces the parts count in the plumbing sections, simplifying maintenance.


Models with dryer-equipped drain mechanisms feature forced discharge using a solenoid valve.