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Combined with superior energy-saving performance and simple operation


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Improved energy-saving effect and discharge volume by load / unload control

Energy-Saving Performance Graph

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Specifications of four conventional models in just one model (patent pending)

With a built-in overhang direct-coupling structure, the specifications of different frequencies and pressures can now be handled by just one model, allowing it to be more flexible with various situations such as change of frequency due to transfer and change of pressure due to the change of facility.

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New SG monitor

Information needed for the operation and maintenance can easily be acquired through simple operation and a clear LCD display screen. It equips a pre-alarm system (see page 7 for details) as a standard feature to prevent sudden failure. It also has Modbus communication function as a standard feature for remote monitoring.

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Alternate operation of two units without a group controller

Two-unit alternate operation of the new KOBELION SG is possible by simple wiring.

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Modbus communication function

Modbus communication function allows the remote monitoring of the compressor. The collection of operation data and remote controlling is possible via Modbus communication. Since the operation status can be monitored from the remote area on a real-time basis, the laborsaving of operation management, and the quick response to emergency conditions are possible.

* Compared on 0.7 MPa(G) (Unit: m3/min)
** Discharge increase rate is evaluated based on the maximum value (100%) of the conventional unit.

Built-in overhang direct-coupling construction for all models (only for 22, 37 kw)

The SG series has now adopted a motor with a built-in overhang direct-coupling construction, which was originally available only to the VX and VS series, to eliminate mechanical loss in all models. Furthermore, the mechanism to minimum pressure loss construction is incorporated to achieve maximum efficiency and an energy-saving effect. Its semi-hermetic Air End and motor that do not require a mechanical seal give extra durability.

Permanent Magnet Motor Direct-Coupling Screw Body

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