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Top-level discharge volume


A thorough review on Air End design has further enhanced its performance.

The new KOBELION is a compilation of our technology and know-how to realize the reduction of energy loss
to the maximum level with the highest discharge volume.


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Best performance ever with the brand-new Air End

We have designed a new Air End for the heart of the compressor. The new KOBELION has achieved the highest discharge volume by further improving its basic performance through the optimization of the size and design of the screw rotor.

Increased the discharge volume by up to 7.4 percent (with the pressure of 0.7 MPa)

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Screw rotor of the new KOBELION

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Achieved the highest discharge volume


Built-in overhang direct-coupling construction for all models

The SG series has now adopted a motor with a built-in overhang direct-coupling construction, which was originally available only to the VX and VS series, to eliminate mechanical loss in all models. Furthermore, the mechanism to minimum pressure loss construction is incorporated to achieve maximum efficiency and an energy-saving effect. Its semi-hermetic Air End and motor that do not require a mechanical seal give extra durability.

Permanent Magnet Motor Direct-Coupling Screw Body

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Soft start system reduces the electric current during starting-up

The new KOBELION adopts a soft start system for its start-up. Other start-up systems such as direct start and star delta give burden to the power supply unit because the sudden electric current that far exceeds the rated value occurs during start-up. With the soft start system, however, the starting electric current never exceeds the rated value.

Starting-up Electric Current

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Color Touch Panel

The new advanced monitor provides useful information such as operation status, compressor configuration, operation record and alarm history.  User-friendly visual display such as color display and system diagram make the operation easier than ever.

New VX/VS Monitor

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Display Function

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High Performance and High Functionality.

Capability to operate 45°C
Ambient Temperature
(standard feature for all models)

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The design of a cooling system, such as coolers and fans, is thoroughly reviewed to improve the durability against ambient temperatures. With ample safety margin, the compressor can operate even under the ambient temperature of 45°C.

Note: Operating the unit continuously for a long period of time under ambient temperatures of more than 40°C will shorten the life of its component parts, such as electrical components and the O ring.

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Smaller in Size to Save Space

Realize the smallest installation area through the reduction of its size by 23 percent compared with the conventional units  (compressor single unit type).