Offering advanced features with enhanced operability.


When using multiple compressors, the system ensures efficient energy-saving control.

■ The system automatically selects and controls the optimum number of units in accordance with airflow needs.
■ Unlimited number of compressors can be connected to the system.
■ The system supports multiple-unit operation including a Kobelco inverter-equipped compressor.
Operability is enhanced by a touch panel color LCD monitor
● An easy-to-view and easy-to-use, touch panel full color LCD monitor is included.
● Just touch the screen to select the number of units and make settings.
Menu Select units Change settings
menu daisuu settei
Fault history
monitaring system
Weekly timer Graph display
kosyou weekly graphic
Previously optional features are included as standard
The following previously optional four features are included as standard.
● Momentary interruption protection (within 0.5 second), automatic recovery from power failure
● Timer to switch from the Advance to the second compressor
● Weekly timer
Easy connection with a modular cable
The Econo Mild II and compressors can be connected with a modular cable. The compressors can be connected with each other in a multi-drop configuration.
*Units without a new monitor or conventional units must be connected with a plug.

Conventional connection

Connection for the Econo Mild Ⅱ

Precise control for different model types

When using standard models,the endless circle method is used to balance operating hours and numbers of compressor starts for all models. When using inverter models, units are operated for load control, to achieve ideal working conditions in air consumption maintaining a stable level of air pressure.

Optimum control for all combinations
Support for standard model (Kobelco compressors without inverter) only, a combination of standard model and a Kobelco inverter model, and Kobelco inverter models only.