Number One Energy Saving Performance An Ultimate Filter that Completely Eliminates Waste

Newly Designed Air Path System Reduces Air Resistance (Pressure Loss).

The use of aerospace technology dramatically reduced air resistance and pressure loss and eliminated waste by generating optimal airflow in the housing and element, thus energy saving performance was increased.


New Filter Technology Realized Highest World-class Particle Removal and Energy Saving Performance.

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The use of deeply pleated layers with a large filter surface provides the capability to collect about 4.5 times as many particles as ordinary elements do. Furthermore, since a different density nanofiber filter media removes large-size particles in the pre-filter layer, the lifetime of the filter and the overall performance increase. In addition, minimizing the pressure loss occurring up until the element is exchanged increases the energy saving performance.
We recommend a periodical exchange of the element.
If you use a 75kW compressor without exchanging the element at a filter pressure loss of 0.07MPa for one year


Easy Maintenance

Simple, space-saving, and short-time exchange of the element is possible
A structure allowing for the simultaneous removal of the housing and element minimizes the maintenance space for exchange, and significantly reduces the exchange time of the element.
Element exchange interval is one year
Stable performance can be maintained at all times by exchanging the filter element once a year.

Optional Parts

DPM Differential Pressure Meter (Incident Monitor)
The use of the magnet makes attachment and removal easy. It is ideal for controlling differential pressure in daily operations. (Usable for “Model 120” or more)
FXKE Connection Kit
Combined connection saves space and eliminates the need for a pipe

Depending on the Application, Highest Quality of Clean Air is Provided

If you need to thoroughly remove water, dust, and particles from air within the air compressor, use a combination of the Kobelco filters available according to clean grades.