KOBELCO headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

KOBELCO PHILIPPINES has continued to develop new products and technologies since it produced compressors for the first time in Japan in 1915. The “KOBELCO” brand and its products receive high evaluation both in Japan and overseas.

We also produced the first screw-type air compressor, freezer, and vacuum pump in Japan.

By reading customers’ needs and addressing them, we have produced our original technologies and “Only One” products that cannot be found anywhere else. Such achievements and experiences have lead to the development of our latest model and we have thus been “No. 1” in respective times.

We will continue to be the front-runner in the industry by reflecting customers’ views in our technology and product development.

KOBELCO Steel Ltd.

KOBELCO Steel Ltd. / Standard Screw Compressors

heart to heartThe most important needs may not always be seen, may not always be heard. That is precisely what makes them so important. We train the eyes and ears of our heart so as to provide optimum response to all our customers needs.

"Heart to Heart" is our way of saying that we view things from our customers perspective. Through this market-oriented approach to doing business, we want to contribute to society.


Photo: KOBELCO headquarters, Tokyo, Japan.