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The standard equipment line of the Kobelion series was made in the pursuit of energy savings and high efficiency.


ag-sg logoagThe AG series pursues efficiency and energy saving, supported by new type electronic monitor. ag-sg logosgThe SG series provides information needed for operation and combines energy-saving control functions and simple operation.


Energy Saving

4 operation modes available (AG)

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Responds sensitively to usage conditions, producing low-energy, cost-saving performance.


Select from four operating modes to permit optimum flow control in response to all usage conditions. This kind of adaptability allows flexible response to changes in the number of compressors in  operation takes into consideration the factory's air consumption.



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2 operation modes available (SG 15kW - 37kW)

P-mode [intermittent operation]

Automatic start/stop and purge functions save energy significantly.

U-mode [continuous operation]

Load and unload operation minimize changes in pressure, and steady air supply is prioritized.


ITCS Controller, Finest standard of user-friendly interface  (for VX, VS, AG series)

This monitor can be used not only to keep track of the operating conditions but also to set the discharging pressure, etc. The operating records, graphic displays, weekly timers, daily reports and weekly report management, can be conducted.

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SG controller

The controller provides information needed for operation and maintenance to make operation even simpler.Furthermore, energy-saving functions are enhanced by three U-, EC-, and EL-mode operation controls . (55~75kW only)

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Improved performance of oil separator elements

Oil recovery rate is highly increased comparing with conventional units


A new type oil separator element with larger filter area has been employed. Oil content separation efficiency has been improved from 0.005 cc/m3 of conventional units to 0.002 cc/m3.


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Improvement on durability for ambient

Reviewing the total cooling system including design of coolers and cooling fan with safety margin, the compressor can operate even under ambient temperature of 45。C.

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*Long-time continuous operation at ambient temperatures of 40℃ or higher may shorten lifetime of components such as electric equipment and O-rings comparing with normal operation.