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An advanced inverter compressor delivers an energy saving performance of the highest level.

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Maximum-level energy-saving line-up at low discharge pressure range

(Discharge pressure 0.69~0.39 MPa)
Remarkable expansion of Wide-Range Control and low-pressure operation range.
The biggest air volume under low-pressure operation to satisfy your energy-saving demands with abundant merits.

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New standard energy saver at middle pressure range

(Discharge pressure 0.69~0.59 MPa)
The biggest air volume under discharge pressure range of conventional inverter compressor with Wide-Range Control.

Higher efficiency pursued to maximize Wide-Range Control advantages.

Expansion of the inverter control range to 10~125%, from 20~100% of a conventional unit, accomplishes optimum energy-saving at any operating conditions.


Energy-saving performance graph


*When Kobelion is under constant pressure control

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Capacity control range


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*Capacity control range for H specification is 15% to 105%.

Built-in overhang direct-coupling construction (IPM high-speed motor direct-coupling structure)

Structure to minimize energy loss


Energy loss is minimized by eliminating mechanical loss at power transmission components,such as belts and gears that can be faund in a conventional compressors. Also, the built-in overhang direct-coupling construction and totally enclosed structure of IPM high-speed oil-proof motor eliminate mechanical seal and thus reduce mechanical loss.


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Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) high-speed motor

Equipped with the world's first IPM high-speed motor that enables Wide-Range Control


No electromotive force is required (slipless) as permanent magnet is built in the motor rotor.Higher total efficiency than the ones of standard induction motors & High-Efficiency induction motors.Down in size and weight thanks to a small amount of energy loss (heat generation).

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ITCS Controller, Finest standard of user-friendly interface  (for VX, VS, AG series)

This monitor can be used not only to keep track of the operating conditions but also to set the discharging pressure, etc. The operating records, graphic displays, weekly timers, daily reports and weekly report management, can be conducted.


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Improvement on durability for ambient

Reviewing the total cooling system including design of coolers and cooling fan with safety margin, the compressor can operate even under ambient temperature of 45。C.


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*Long-time continuous operation at ambient temperatures of 40℃ or higher may shorten lifetime of components such as electric equipment and O-rings comparing with normal operation.