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Wide range controls, incorporated in the larger models also, dramatically improve energy saving performance.


Wide Range Control

Focus of Energy Saving shifts from メSuppressionモ to メEffective useモ


By direct couple IPM high-speed motor to the compressor.


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Wider capacity control range

Capacity control extended to a wider range of 5% to 106% Uncompromising challenge to improve energy saving performance even for low load operation

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High Performace (High performance & sophisticated functions)


Multi/single changeover operation

Multi/single unit control allows Kobelion-VS MULTI to perform a backup operation just in case.


Failure tolerance is the same as when running two 75kW compressors


Even if one unit fails, the Kobelion continues running the other unit separately to secure 50% air quantity.


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Reduced installation space enhances layout flexibility

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In comparison with large compressors

In comparison with our same class single-stage compressor: down 9%
In comparison with our same class two-stage compressor: down 32%
In comparison with our two 75kW class single-stage compressors: down 12%


Built-in overhang direct-coupling construction (PM high-speed motor direct-coupling structure)

Structure to minimize energy loss


Energy loss is minimized by eliminating mechanical loss at power transmission components,such as belts and gears that can be faund in a conventional compressors. Also, the built-in overhang direct-coupling construction and totally enclosed structure of IPM high-speed oil-proof motor eliminate mechanical seal and thus reduce mechanical loss.


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Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) high-speed motor

Equipped with the world's first IPM high-speed motor that enables Wide-Range Control


No electromotive force is required (slipless) as permanent magnet is built in the motor rotor.Higher total efficiency than the ones of standard induction motors & High-Efficiency induction motors.Down in size and weight thanks to a small amount of energy loss (heat generation).


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Monitor focusing on easy-to-use operation

Full color widescreen display     Touch panel type      Animated instructions


Principal features and displays


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Improvement on durability for ambient

Reviewing the total cooling system including design of coolers and cooling fan with safety margin, the compressor can operate even under ambient temperature of 45。C.


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*Long-time continuous operation at ambient temperatures of 40℃ or higher may shorten lifetime of components such as electric equipment and O-rings comparing with normal operation.